IPRPA Training / Seminars

Summary of IPRPA Training / Seminars

Date Subject
30/06/2021 IPRPA Webinar
16/10/2019 IPRPA Seminar
03/04/2019 IPRPA Seminar
10/10/2018 IPRPA Seminar on "Customs Enforcement in the New Era"
09/02/2018 IPRPA Seminar on "Cooperation on Transnational IPR Enforcement"
29/02/2016 IPRPA Seminar on “Customs Enforcement of the Trade Descriptions Ordinance – Fair Trading Sections”
11/08/2015 Seminar on "Internet IPR Crimes and Response"
13/03/2015 Seminar on "IPR Protection and Enforcement in Mainland China"
14/11/2014 Special Seminar “IP Insight: WCO’s efforts in fighting counterfeiting and piracy and IPR Protection and Recordation System of Mainland Customs” 14 November 2014 (Friday)
09/05/2014 ‘IP Insight’ – Kick Start
27/03/2014 Special Seminar - “Algorithmic Justice for Trademark Law Is Coming and Safe Harbour Provisions Are Going”
11/11/2013 Special Seminar - “Prevailing IP Crime Trend and the Enforcement Strategies”
04/10/2012 Legislation to Enhance Protection for Consumers Against Unfair Trade Practices
27/07/2012 Special seminar – Taobao’s strategies and mechanism in guarding against IPR infringement
03/02/2012 Special Seminar - Enforcement Against Pirated Cyberlocker
13/01/2012 Special Seminar on the "Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Europe"
02/12/2011 Special Seminar --- "Role of Coordination in Combating IPR Infringement"
18/11/2011 Training to Court Prosecutors on Counterfeit Medicines and Merchandise
07/11/2011 Special Seminar on Internet Piracy --- an International Perspective
25/08/2011 Public-Private Partnership to Combat Counterfeit Medicine
15/07/2011 Seminar on “Developments in the IP World” by Mr. David Llewelyn
15/07/2011 Seminar on IPR Enforcement in Guangdong/Hong Kong/Macao
03/06/2011 Identification Training Seminar by the Sony Group
23/02/2011 Trademark identification Training Seminar by P&G, Disney, Puma, Crocs and Cath Kidston
27/08/2010 2010 International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference
23/03/2007 Trademark identification Training Seminar by Ermenegildo Zegna, Abercrombie & Fitch and Lacoste
23/03/2007 Briefing on Seizure Identification and IPR Protection of Japanese Electronic Goods
23/03/2007 The Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (HKAPI) Seminar
20/05/2006 Visit by Bailiffs
29/11/2005 Training Seminar for C&E officers and Court Prosecutors
17/10/2005 Intellectual Property Rights Seminar for the trade mark "Content Japan"
17/10/2005 Trademark Seminar for Court Prosecutors
17/10/2005 To win confidence from consumers by No Fakes Pledge
17/10/2005 Epson & Nokia Training Seminar for C&ED
17/10/2005 HK Customs attends the first Regional Roundtable Conference on Optical Disc Piracy in Southeast Asia
17/10/2005 China – MPA and JETRO continue to organize two IPR training seminars in Shenzhen and Hong Kong
17/10/2005 CEPA and Intellectual Property Rights Seminar

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