Members of the Intellectual Property Rights Protection Alliance shall agree to the objectives of the Alliance and undertake to use their best endeavors to support the work of the Alliance and enforcement actions of the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (C&ED) for the protection of IPR by committing to doing the following acts to the extent they consider necessary and appropriate in the circumstances of their participation:

  • Participate in meetings and functions of the Alliance and pay the annual member subscription of HK$2,000;
  • Participate in activities organized or supported by the Alliance in the fight against Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) offences;
  • Monitor retail shops and other traders including conducting surveys and inspections to detect suspicious cases of sale of pirated or counterfeit goods, paying special attention to shops that are members of the No Fakes Pledge Scheme;
  • Exchange information with other members on cases of sale of pirated or counterfeit goods;
  • Report any suspected cases of infringement of copyright and trademarks that attract criminal liability to the C&ED;
  • Provide information pertaining to the subsistence and ownership of copyright/trademarks where necessary and required by the C&ED to facilitate criminal investigation on IPR offences;
  • Provide information about any detection of infringement of copyright and trademarks for the C&ED to follow up with criminal investigation;
  • Appoint competent examiners for the identification of pirated/counterfeit goods detected or seized by the C&ED and render all necessary assistance including preparing evidence to support the ensuing prosecution in court;
  • Provide training and other assistance to officers of the C&ED on the identification of pirated/counterfeit goods.

Apart from any information that is publicly available and subject to any consent from the Alliance, members are obliged to maintain confidentiality of information obtained from the Alliance.

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